The STEM Kits offer a wide range of STEM activities that cater to different ages and interests.  Hands-on learning is central to these kits and most are complemented by additional books or literacy that are related to the theme of the kit.

Each kit circulates for three weeks, are non-renewable, non-holdable, and must be checked out and returned to the Circulation Desk of the Middletown Public Library.  One kit per family at a time.

Theme Suggested Age Description
Anatomy Ages 8 and up This kit includes two 3D human anatomy models that let you learn about and observe muscles, organs, and the skeletal system through dissection.
Astronomy Ages 6 and up This kit contains two pairs of astronomy binoculars that are easier to use than a telescope for younger viewers.
Coding 1 Ages 4 and up This introductory coding kit makes coding fun for the youngest learners using a programmable mouse robot.  It develops thinking, coding skills, and problem solving.
Coding 2 Ages 5 and up Help kids learn a vital 21st-century skill with Botley, a toy that introduces logic, sequencing, and early coding fundamentals without the need for a tablet or screen!
Coding 3 Ages 5 and up Get started learning STEAM at home with The Sphero Mini At-Home Learning Starter Kit. No coding experience necessary.
Digital Microscope Ages 8 and up Using the digital microscope, you can observe the world in 800x magnified detail.  Also includes prepared slides, blank slides, and a book on microscopes.
Electrical Circuits Ages 8 and up With snap-circuits, you can build working circuits using snap-in pieces either by following the provided instructions or experimenting to create your own.
Engineering K’Nex Ages 8 and up Using this kit, you’ll engineer several amusement park rides using K’nex building kits.
Inverted Microscope Ages 8 and up The inverted design provides a big advantage over conventional microscopes, by allowing both traditional specimen slides and liquids to be used.
Marble run Ages 4 and up This kit tests your engineering skills by giving you the opportunity to build various narble runs. Mix the various pieces to observe how it affects the course of the run.
Patterns and Tanagram Ages 3 and up This kit explores colors, patterns, math,and spatial relationships through the use of tangrams, geometric block toys, and supporting literacy.
Rhode Island Outdoors Ages 5 an up This kit is for you to observe the wildlife and plants of Rhode Island.
Virtual Reality Ages 10 and up Using the Merge VR/AR goggles and cube, you can explore and play with augmented reality and holograms. Requires the use of a smart-phone/tablet as well recommended apps (not included).
Theme Suggested Age Description
Build a Bot Ages 8 and up Mix and match axles, wheels, arms, legas and gears to create tiny robots that walk, roll, crawl, spin, and more!
Coding Dino Ages 4 and up This kit contains a cure dinosaur pet that teaches kids early STEM concepts through screen-free coding and play
Gravity Maze Ages 8 and up Build a path through the towers to get the marble to the target! Gravity Maze is a combination logic-game and marbel runs that build reasoning skills.
Magnatiles Ages 3 and up This kit contains a magnetic contruction set that allows kids to immerse themselves in the world of princesses and fairytales!
Mars Explorer Ages 5 and up  Design and build a rover to explore Mars using the magnetic construction set. Includes lights, track wheels, a motor, and a remote control.
Numberblocks Ages 3 and up Kids can see how numbers really work and master key learning math skills with classic linking cubes.
Smart Circuits Ages 8 and up Explore unlimited electronic projects to create working games and gadgets with snap-together base boards, light and sound modules, a microprocessor, and jumper wires.
Solar Robot Ages 8 and up Learn about renewable energy while building twelve different robots! This kit includes a solar-powered panel that collects heat energy into an electric drive motor.