The Library has acquired 10 Hotspots and purchased service plans for them. They are now available to borrow with a valid OSL Library Card. Please review the Mobile Hotspot Agreement Draft for complete lending details.

What is a mobile hotspot?

A mobile hotspot is a portable hardware device that serves as a wireless access point for connecting devices to the internet. It provides Wi-Fi routing capabilities similar to a home wireless router, except on a smaller scale. Nearby devices such as laptops, tablets or smartphones can interface with the mobile hotspot much as they do with other wireless routers. However, the mobile hotspot connects to the internet via a wireless cellular signal, rather than relying on a standard data signal. Mobile hotspots perform best when connecting singular devices.


  • T10 Franklin Mobile Hotspot Device
  • Power Supply
  • Start Guide
  • Safety Guide
  • Device Info card

All contents stored in zippered hardshell carrying case