Each kit circulates for three weeks, is non-renewable, non-holdable, and must be checked out and returned to the Circulation Desk of the Middletown Public Library. One kit per family at a time.

Theme Suggested Age Description More Information
Food Infants – Toddlers Which foods are yummy and yucky to you?  This kit includes books and food-themed toys that help to support color sorting, gross motor movement, and vocabulary development. jE Early Lit Kit Food
Colors Infants – Toddlers Have fun while learning about colors and shapes with the help of interactive books, puzzles, and sensory toys. jE Early Lit Kit Colors
Transportation/ Things That Go Infants – Toddlers Vroom, honk, and beep your way through this kit that features a shape-sorting toy truck and books that are all about different types of vehicles. jE Early Lit Kit Transport
Farm Infants – Toddlers Check out this kit to go down to the farm and visit all the animals.  Engage with dramatic play using the animal puppets and listen to books that neigh and moo along with you. jE Early Lit Kit Farm
Songs and Music Infants – Preschool Explore the world of music, songs, and rhythms by listening to the different instruments, making your own music with the mini-band, and singing along to your favorite songs. jE Early Lit Kit Music
Dinosaurs Infants – Toddlers Roar along with the dinosaurs and practice being a T-Rex with the included puppet. jE Early Lit Kit Dinosaurs
Outer Space Infants – Toddlers Zoom to the moon and back again with these space-themed books and stacking rocket toy. jE Early Lit Kit Space
My Body Infants – Toddlers This kit goes beyond your head, shoulders, knees, and toes.  Learn all about the different parts of the body and then practice fine motor skills using the provided plush doll toy. jE Early Lit Kit Body
Alphabet Infants – Toddlers See, touch, and feel your way through the ABC’s. jE Early Lit Kit Alphabet
Shapes Infants – Toddlers Go beyond circles, squares, and triangles and learn to look at them in new and creative ways. jE Early Lit Kit Shapes
Feelings Toddlers – Preschool Are you happy, sad, or mad?  Explore emotions, feelings, behavior, and how to express them. jE Early Lit Kit Feelings
Math Preschool + Counting, geometry, and patterns are presented in a preschool-friendly way. jE Early Lit Kit Math
Social Studies Preschool + There is a big, wide world to explore and learn about.  Take a trip around the included globe puzzle and see for yourself! jE Early Lit Kit Social Studies PreS
Science Preschool + Investigate, question, and observe the world around you with this kit that encourages curious minds. jE Early Lit Kit Science PreS
Art Preschool + Jump into the creative process and create your own art with the suggested designs with our Imagination Patterns, or be inspired by the included books and make your own. jE Early Lit Kit Art PreS
Alphabet Preschool Preschool + Match your way through upper and lower case letters with this alphabet adventure. jE Early Lit Kit Alphabet PreS

This project was made possible in part by a grant from the RI Office of Library & Information Services using funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.