What is a PODCAST?

In simple terms, a podcast is a digital medium consisting of audio (or video) episodes that relate to a specific theme. The hosts of a podcast are referred to as “podcasters.” While many forms of media have barriers to entry, a podcast is simple to create

Teen Podcasting:

“What This World Needs Now”

  •  Reese Gabrielle Starling and House of Representatives Alex Finkelman      Listen Here
  • Reese Gabrielle Starling and House of Representatives Louis DiPalma        Listen Here
  • Clay, Madelyn, and Elena discuss unfair compensation for writers, teachers and women’s soccer players.  Listen Here

“What was the world like back when you were growing up? ”

Intergeneration Conversations Podcast

  • Middletown Grandparents and Grandchildren discuss how different it is for teens now from   what it was like  70 years ago when  their grandparents were children and teens. Having a paper route in second grade… biking 28 miles to the beach and not be fearful of getting run over by cars… freedom vs the need to be scheduled in activities after school. Listen to this wonderful and thoughtful discussion, it’s incredibly interesting!

Listen Here