Improv for Teens- No Registration Required


Fri March 3 2023


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm



Improv for Teens- No Registration Required

Teens – Lets play Improv games – just some examples below!
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Scenes From a Chat

Scenes From a Chat is a classic improv exercise adapted for Zoom. Audience members write scene suggestions in the chat box. An emcee selects one of the ideas at random, or selects the funniest scenario. Players then have five minutes to act out the scene. When the exercise ends, the next group can select another prompt from the existing chat, or can ask the audience for new ideas.

Sell It To Me

Sell It To Me flexes players’ persuasion and sales skills as well as improv abilities. Each player has ten to fifteen seconds to grab a nearby object. Then, the player must develop a convincing one minute or less sales pitch to sell the item to the group. The audience can rate each sales pitch on a numerical scale, and the actor with the highest score at the end wins. To keep the element of surprise, you can call for sales pitches in between other improv activities.

One Word at a Time

One Word at a Time is one of the most common storytelling improv games. As the name suggests, participants devise a story one word at a time. Players can either speak the words aloud, or type answers in the chat. If two or more players speak at the same time, then the group can vote on which word stays in the story. The game is over when the story reaches a natural finish, and the player who spoke the first word announces “THE END.”


Alphabets requires that each consecutive line spoken starts with the next letter of the alphabet. For example:

Player 1: Ahoy matey! What ye be looking for?
Player 2: Buried treasure!
Player 3: Captain! I think I found it!
Player 4: Dunderhead! That’s not treasure!

First, propose a scenario, then designate a participant order. Or, you can let the game be a free-for all, with the condition that each player must speak only once. Since there are twenty six letters in the alphabet, every player in large groups gets a chance to speak. You can either end the game after every participant speaks once, or when the alphabet ends. Or, you can require that the game gets faster and faster until someone messes up.

Party Quirks

Party Quirks is one of the most fun improv games of all time. Each actor receives a strange party quirk to act out. At the end of the scene, normal partygoers much guess the identities of each strange guest.

Here are some examples of party quirk prompts:

  • A dog who can speak human, but only insults
  • An imposter doctor who now has to perform surgery
  • An identity thief in search of the next victim
  • Leonardo DaVinci trying to figure out how to use Zoom
  • An evil genius scheming to turn everyone into cats
  • Someone writing a fanfiction story about this group
  • Just discovered Elvis, and thinks he’s still alive
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