Meeting Room Use Policy                         Approved February 19, 2013

Middletown Public Library Meeting Room Use Agreement / Application Form

Equipment Loan Request for use in the Library Meeting Room

Please check available dates before submitting your request for the Library Meeting Room by clicking here for the Event Calendar

Both forms may be downloaded by clicking the above links. Completed requests may be submitted to the Library for review and should be addressed to:

Attn. Library Director

by mail to – Middletown Public Library : 700 West Main Rd.Middletown, RI 02842

or email –

PURPOSE:  The purpose of this policy is to outline the circumstances under which groups or organizations may use the Library’s meeting room and to provide guidance to employees responsible for scheduling and coordinating the use of the meeting room.

GUIDELINES: Priority use of the meeting room shall be as follows:

  1. Library meetings
  2. Meetings of Town staff, boards, committees, or commissions
  3. Agencies or officials of County, State, or Federal governments
  4. Not for profit and civic organizations


1. There is no charge for use of the meeting room,

2. A completed application for use of the room must be on file prior to the date of planned use.

3. Light refreshments are limited and require the Library’s Director’s permission.

4. The meeting room will be left in a neat and clean condition.

5. The applicant will be responsible for any damage to the room, furniture or equipment, and will agree to pay for said damages as assessed by the Library Board of Trustees within thirty (30) days of notification.

6. In consideration of being granted permission to use the Library meeting room, the applicant agrees to release, indemnify and hold harmless the Town of Middletown, the Middletown Public Library, its Board of Trustees,  and all agents and employees of the Town and the Library, hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Town” from any and all claims, causes of action, damage, liability and cost and expenses, including litigation costs and attorneys’ fees, against or incurred by the “Town”, and further agrees to waive and release any and all claims or causes of action of every kind and nature whatsoever, both in law and equity, whether known, unknown, foreseen, unforeseen, foreseeable or unforeseeable, which the undersigned, or anyone claiming through or against the undersigned, might have, including without limitation claims for personal injury, death, theft, or property damage resulting from, arising out of, or being in any way connected with the use of the above-described Town-owned property.

7. Permission to use the meeting room does not constitute endorsement of a group’s philosophy or objectives by the Middletown Public Library.

8. The Library reserves the right to alter meeting arrangements if necessary with notification given to the applicant as soon as possible.

9. Ongoing reservations for use of the meeting room are available for the current calendar year.

10. The taping of materials to the walls, doors and windows is not allowed.

11. Groups composed of minors must provide adequate adult supervision.

12. Organizations or individuals using the meeting room may not charge an admission fee, solicit donations, or restrict attendance.

13. The use of the meeting room by for profit entities is not authorized.