The Community Garden is located in the rear of the Library. Each year in the spring folks who enjoy gardening and working together apply for a garden bed by submitting the forms listed below:

Download both forms by clicking on the links. Note that the Community Garden Hold Harmless Agreement must be notarized.  The number of available garden beds is limited but you can ask to be on a waiting list as openings do occur.


Our three-bin composting system is up and fully operational! We are very pleased to offer the opportunity to participate in composting your food scraps into soil that will be available for any community member to use. The three bins are designed to hold composting materials at different stages of the breakdown cycle. The first bin receives all kitchen and garden scraps. The second bin continues the decomposition of roughly and finely chopped materials from bin one. The third bin is the finishing stages where we will take the compost from. The entire process will take up to a year to complete.

What is Composting? Composting is a natural process where, over time, organic matter is broken down into soil.

Why Compost? Composting is a free and practical way to dispose of yard and kitchen waste. Compost helps improve soil structure, returns nutrients to the soil and improves water retention.

What can be composted?

  • All parts of fruits or vegetables, fresh or rotten
  • Eggshells and paper egg cartons
  • Coffee grounds, coffee filters, teabags
  • Shredded cardboard, shredded paper bags, papertowles/napkins, shredded newspaper
  • Landscape vegetation, grass clippings, weeds (without seeds)
  • Leaves, brush, trimmings, branches, wood chips (all chopped or shredded)

Don’t compost:

  • Meat scraps, bones
  • Dog and cat feces
  • Food with grease or soap residues

How can you help? Everyone is welcome to bring any and all materials from the list of items “What can be composted”. Please deposit all materials into the bin marked “Place Garden Scraps Here” only. Under the direction of URI Master Gardeners, we will turn bins, chop rough material, and remove finished compost for use in the gardens.

If you have any questions about the community compost bins, how to start your own at home, or any other gardening questions please let us know!