2021 Summer Reading for Children

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Read for any 30 days during our Summer Reading Challenge!

Summer Reading Basics

  • Children can earn tickets by completing activities, logging days read, and writing book reviews!  These tickets are used in our virtual drawings.
  • There are weekly reading raffles running for 10 weeks, with the first drawing taking place on June 19th.
  • There is a bonus early bird registration drawing for people who register by June 12th.  Children are automatically entered into this drawing based on the registration date.
  • The same automatic entry also applies to the grand prize drawings based on completing 30 days of reading.  Days do not need to be consecutive.  Readers can backdate their logging at anytime and it will count as though they logged that reading in real time.
  • All age groups for the SRC require any 30 days logged between June 1st-August 21st for completion.  Activities and book reviews do not count towards the completion badge but will give you bonus tickets for the weekly drawings.

Summer Reading Dates

  •  June 1st – August 31st
  • Days read for the SRC (Summer Reading Challenge) only count from these dates. Anything before or after does not count.

Summer Reading Ticket System for Virtual Drawings

  • 5 days read = 2 tickets earned
  • 1 activity badge (potentially multiple activities per badge) = 1 tickets earned
  • 1 book review = 1 ticket earned
  • Completion badge (30 days of reading logged) = 2 ticket earneds and automatic entry for Grand Prize drawing
  • Tickets are used in virtual drawings for gift cards.  Select which drawings to put your tickets in!  More days read and activities completed = more tickets to enter into the drawings.

Challenges by Grade/Age

  • Infants and Toddlers to Preschool (no SRC available – please register for the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Challenge.  There are prizes!)
  • Kids/Tween Challenge – Kindergarten – Grade 5 (entering K- entering 5th)
  • Teen Challenge – Grades 6 – 12 (entering 6th through 12th)


  • Early bird registration drawing for people who register by 6/12/20. They are automatically entered in drawing this based on receiving the “registration” badge by the date specified.  Win a $20 gift card to Island Books!
  • We are offering weekly reading raffles for our Summer Reading Challenge.  Raffles run from 6/19 – 8/21.  Children must choose which drawings to put their tickets in for these drawings.  Win gift cards to Island Books, Barnes & Noble, Newport Creamery, Flat Waves, Carmella’s Pizzeria, and more!
  • There are 2 grand prize drawings for Children/Tweens (K-2 and 3-5).  Children are automatically entered into these drawings based on earning the “completion” badge.  Must log 30 days read to earn the completion badge!  Grand prizes are $50 gift cards to Barnes & Noble.
  • At 15 days read, children will earn a library tote bag and a free book!

Activity Badges/Tracks

Activity Tracks/Badges earn extra tickets for drawings!  They are not required for completion of the summer reading challenge, only the reading badges are required.  They are meant as a fun way to add activities to your summer and earn bonus raffle tickets!

Tickets & Prize Drawings

  • When a child earns tickets for every 5 days of reading, they can put that ticket in the prize drawing of their choice through the Beanstack App or the Beanstack Browser on a computer.
  • Patrons must use the App or Web Browser to put their earned tickets into the drawing of their choice.
  • Tickets are not available in paper form – only in digital form.

The statewide Rhode Island Summer Reading Program is supported by the RI Office of Library and Information Services, with funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.  Funding is also generously made possible by the Friends of the Middletown Public Library.